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Helping others and assisting them in finding what they need most has always been her most effective skills.  Beth has helped people literally step into what fit them best and ensured that they feel good about their decisions. It takes work, it takes time, and it takes support of a well trained, caring coach.

As a certified professional life coach, Beth has been able to help clients have improved self-esteem and become more independent and optimistic about the future. Renewed courage and self-reliance helps those motivated for a brighter future. What Beth finds most rewarding is her ability to have people see more, want more, and get more from life . She has said, “We are all faced with unexpected challenges as life moves in directions we never anticipated. It is the responsibility of each individual to choose their path to the fullest life possible.”

With the tragic and sudden loss of her husband, Beth thought that life would never again be filled with true happiness. With two daughters to raise, a business and a household to run taking even one more breath was an enormous challenge. After some time, Beth realized that the sun still shined and the flowers still bloomed. It took enormous courage.  And yet, life will continue and a powerful sense of the repsonsiblity and the need to live life fully , for herself and her children, became Beth's moitvation.

Beth Bucheister has been a health professional, small business owner, Community Activist, local fundraiser. She has provided scholarships to Oyster Bay High School students seeking non-traditional study programs.


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