Life coaching with Beth has helped me in so many ways.  After my mother's passing I was consumed with grief and felt defined by her death.  I lost sight of who I was as person throughout my mother's illness.  The grieving process has been lengthily and it has been a long road towards starting to feel like myself again. Each session with Beth leaves me with a new sense of clarity as I am able to comfortably talk about what I am going through with her.  Whether it is to help organize my thoughts and emotions or get deep down to the root of what is holding me back, Beth has been by my side every step of the way cheering me onward and upward.

- Nicole B.

I started seeing Beth at a time when I was feeling both trapped and overwhelmed by my life. I was facing changes on a number of fronts and without answers or plans I was feeling adrift.  I find myself thinking of issues with less anxiety and my boyfriend said he d sees a real change in my communication. While I am still in a position of some uncertainty, I feel much more confident both in myself and my ability to handle whatever is coming. Beth's coaching helped me stretch into some areas I initially wasn't comfortable with. She was kind, supportive and challenging. I think that my sessions with her have helped accelerate my personal growth at a difficult time and I am very thankful for her work.

- Holly K.

While working with Beth, my feelings are always validated and I find reasons to trust myself again. I was starving and now I am feeling safe and satisfied.

Carrie T.

In the beginning, I felt like I was in a maze-where do I go? What do I do? How do I find my way out? Working with Beth, I found my way out to the person that I am, that I am meant to be.

Kathleen N.

I have been working with Beth as a coach for 6 months and my heart has opened up to new possibilities. Beth is always present and creates a safe space for me to feel comfortable. Her knowledge, passion, and own experiences have made my experience both professional and life changing. I highly recommend Beth as coach to those who want to feel and see transformations in their life.

- Gina P.

Coaching with Beth has been an eye opening and transformational experience. She is able to work with my present state, inner desires, and future goals in order to effect a positive shift, whether it be in the way I work through problems or approach new endeavors. Beth is a great guide, adept at remaining open while keeping me focused and I emerge from each session having had an inner awakening.

Sam B.

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